We want food to be more than delicious. It should be of high quality, have transparency in origin and be produced in a sustainable way. We have faith in our entire range of food and primary products, whether it’s bread, fish, meat or vegetables.

We aim to go back in time when additives in food was unheard of, you knew the name of your local butcher and to buy locally grown and freshly produced food was standard. You can call us nostalgic or naive – we call us Stockholms Matmarknad.

Food that is more than delicious

We enjoy food but we feel that food that is delicious just is not enough anymore. When we shop for primary products or eat out at a restaurant we want to be able to trust that it’s high quality products, we want to know the origin of it and we want it to be produced in a sustainable way. That’s the whole essence of Stockholms Matmarknad.

Our range of primary products are produced by artisans that we have uttermost faith in. Our own quality labeling system so that you as a customer receive complete information regarding each product – what it contains, how it’s been produced and where it’s from – no matter if it is bread, fish, meat, vegetables or something else.

Our selection of products

Our bread is freshly baked just around the corner from the market which means it has barely come out of the oven before you can serve it at home. The fish come directly from the ocean and the fisherman, without any detours or middlemen, which means we can offer the most fresh selection of fish and seafood in Stockholm. Vegetables are bought directly from local Swedish farmers but sometimes our Nordic climate means we have to collaborate with farmers outside of Sweden. In those cases we always handpick small-scale farmers who work with diversified crops. Our extensive charcuterie is filled with meat products of the highest quality – often locally produced but always from carefully selected farms and suppliers.